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    Today is 9/11/12. The 11th anniversary of the attack on US soil. It should be a day of remembrance. A day of reflection. And while some call it "Patriot's Day" it is not a day for celebration. To many this date still remains a sobering and somer date. Which is good. it is my hope that it stays that way.
    It also a bit eerie as today is a Tuesday and that was the same day of the attacks. At the time of the attack I was working as an overnight store manager for Giant Eagle grocery stores. I got home at 7:30 and turned on the news a few minuts past 9AM . The first.  tower had just been hit. A few minutes later the second was hit, and this time there was news footage of it. (later in the day footage apears of the first tower also)  I was about 8 PM that I turned the TV set off.  The events were that riviting.
    Nearly 3000 died that day  . 3000 needlessly died that Tuesday. Reflecting back on it it is stil hard to believe. The events of this day, 11 years ago, have changed our lives forever.  The nation is not as trusting. Go near a major atrport and see how the liberties you once had there are now gone. Not just the US but the now the world, I believe, looks at terrorism in a whole new light.
    But it's a shame. It's shame that the events of this day will also be forgotten someday. It may take close to 50 years for that to happen, but it will. Let me show you what  I mean.
    The bloodiest day in American history, before these attacks , was the day of the Battle of  Antietam in the Civil War. How many of you remember the date of that battle.? How many remember when V-E day was? Or V-J day? Or when Veteran's Day was Armistice Day, which is what it still should be called. The events of that day only apply to WW 1 ,not all Veterans. Time has a way of erasing from our collective memories those things which are painful to remember.
    But not today. Not just 11 years later. At least not by me. And I hope I wrong aboout these events being forgotten. When I was alot younger the question that was asked a lot was "Do you remember where you were when Kennedy was shot(John)?" Yes, I rememebr where I was. I also rememebr where I was when Bobby was shot at the Ambassabor Hotel. But those are questions of my generations. It been nearly 50 years since the shooting John Kennedy. I can rememebr it as if it happen a few months ago. I will be dead but I hope that in 40 years form from now that you rememebr then events of 9/11/01 and where you WERE!
    Because now it should always be a day of reflection and remembrance.

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Posted on 01:41PM on Sep 11th, 2012
Well written! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
Posted on 02:12PM on Sep 11th, 2012
Thank You. I'm glad you read it and commented. I was actually HOPING that you would.
Posted on 03:56PM on Sep 11th, 2012
It also should be a day of high resolution that NO ONE dare repeat that or any other act of agression! Our reaction should have been a repeat of December 7. THe "dartardly attack" was just as real and just as agressive. Shame on us that we didn't react more agressively. I'm very weary of all the platitudes trying to justify our cowering under the disapproval of the so-called "international community, who is happy to hold our coat while we do the dirty work.

At any rate, "Let us hereby highly resolved that these honored dead shall not have died in vain" and take whatever steps are necessary to finally insure that terror and violence are either eliminated aor severely punished from now on. N Casely
Posted on 04:02PM on Sep 11th, 2012
Well said. As you may be able to tell I was trying to stay away from the political aspect of today. As today should be a remembrance . And a reflection. I felt that we had other days to debate the issues surrounding the attack. But your point are well taken. I just an not sure that 9///01 will be a "date that lives in infamiy". But I'm glad you it and replied.
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