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I am very sad now;

My soul is incomplete.

This place has no meaning;

Its heart has no beat.


To come here is just a chore;

One learned by rote.

There’s no excitement anymore;

No love or love note.


The void and vapid dark surroundings;

Remind me of my gloom.

My friend, my soul mate, in times of need

She’s no longer in her room.


Her lights are off, her spirit gone;

The room it holds no glow.

Sadness for a life once lived

Is what I’m doomed to know.


To me, her soul was music;

Her spirit, a warm summer’s Day.

Her mind was charm and wisdom;

Like A light to guide my way.


I grieve for her, I mourn for me;

And the loved ones she left behind.

For they are the one who will never, ever,

Get her out of their minds.


So goodbye my friend

I miss you more;

Than mere words can opine.

I pray for you

Please watch over me

We’ll meet again in time.


 For when you took your final breathe;

 T’was me, my love, who died a death.


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